Eirgrid Connection Agreement General Conditions

The availability of stable power remains one of the main reflections of DC developers, especially in Dublin. The Dublin region remains an area of severe capacity constraints. As with all major infrastructure projects, it will take some time to provide additional production and network building capacity in the region. Therefore, ensuring access to stable electricity supply, in line with the development framework, remains a potential challenge in the Dublin region. This challenge has been recognized by network managers, who are working to address this challenge by planning for long-term additional production capacity and short-term measures to facilitate the interconnection of data centres, including flexible demand regimes. Although the flexibility of the demand policy to manage challenges for DC developers, it is difficult for system operators to facilitate the connection of DCs to the system in restricted areas. We continue to monitor developments in this important area, including future sectoral consultations related to a flexible demand policy. As part of the review of links based on flexible application regimes, interaction with network managers is encouraged to understand the practicalities of these plans. Similarly, legal and technical advice should be undertaken to ensure that the rules are properly documented, understood and integrated into project design. The rules apply to all new DCs connected directly to the transmission system or large DCs that are indirectly connected to the transportation system through the distribution system in narrow areas. As a result, the geographic position of the current, combined with its size and connection characteristics, may result in the requirement for flexible demand agreements.

As noted in EirGrid`s Data Centre Connection Offer Process and Policy Process and Policy and Policy (DC COPP Paper), published in June 2019, "flexible demand" refers to a regime in which the data centre`s electrical load must be reduced on EirGrid`s instruction when capacity availability in the area is limited (i.e. when demand or potential supply in this sector exceeds the level of demand or potential supply). It applies to supply lines whose fixed capabilities (i.e. guarantees) are not readily available. The costs (included in the follow-up offer) of these studies are borne by the potential client who must bear the full costs, whether or not the client pursues any of the projects reviewed. Under condition 30 of the licence, SONI has prepared a declaration on the basis of which charges are collected for connection to all-Island transportation networks (available here). Here you will find information on connection fees and obligations, pre-energy data and completed application forms. EirGrid is committed to providing flexible D.C. customers with guidance on the expected level of reduced load expected at certain times for a given reference year.

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