Episcopal Church Letter Of Agreement

We are waiting for all agreements to be signed by the bishop, because with each position below, the cannons require different levels of supervision by the bishop. The staff of the Ministry of Transition check each letter to ensure that the terms contained in it reflect best practices in our diocese and throughout the Church. Please allow ten working days for verification between the filing of the letter and its return. Below you will find templates of letter of agreement for different members of the clergy. Please pass a draft letter of the agreement of the office of the Ministry of Transition, which give returns before the letter to the bishop is signed: A note of help: The letters of the agreements are valid if they are signed by the bishop. Both formal and informal announcements are best planned after the return of the LOA, so that the news of the reception of the holidays and the arrival of the priest is shared at the same time as the parishes concerned. Search: Use the search field to search for any term. Sort: Click on the "Resource Title" column title to flip the leaderboard up/down. For the templates of the letter of agreement, please contact Curé Margo Peckham Clark, Canon for Community Life, mapclark@dioceseofnewark.org. Please contact Curate Sarah Brockenbrough for any questions.

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