Software Source Code Purchase Agreement

PandaTip: The written notification of this source code license agreement contains the postal addresses of both parties as well as the types of notifications authorized under this contract. The Redistribution/Rebranding license software contains all the VB.NET, ASPX, T-SQL and JavaScript sources needed to change the design and functionality of the software. 30 days are allocated to the defaulting party to remedy the infringement after written notification or to face the immediate termination of the contract. This license limits the sale, licensing, distribution or distribution of source code for any of the scripts included in "Software Product," either in full, in part, or as modified. Nor can the customer use this source code in its entirety or under any part of it as part of another program that the customer sells, concedes or otherwise distributes by any method. The entire software contained in the source code license agreement and all the documentation contained in that software are provided in an "as is" state. Thanks to the customer`s use of TimeLive, the customer agrees to comply with all the conditions contained in this license. This is a legal agreement between the client ("customer") and Livetecs LLC ("Livetecs"). If the customer does not accept these conditions, the customer cannot install or use the software. If the customer has already installed the software, the customer must uninstall TimeLive and destroy all timeLive copies held by the customer, including changes that the customer may have made to the source package.

The customer must accept that TimeLive`s source code package is authorized and not sold. This agreement constitutes the complete agreement on this license between the parties and replaces all previous agreements and representations between them. It can only be changed by a letter sent by both parties. If, for any reason, a provision of that agreement is found to be unenforceable, that provision will be reformed only to the extent necessary to make it enforceable. PandaTip: This model allows the licensee to access and use the source code for the listed software. However, the owner of the software still owns the intellectual property rights to the software. The licensee undertakes to display a copyright mention in all final versions of the software that distributes the distributed source code to third parties. No test package is available for the source package. As a result, source code files cannot be sent before they are purchased. As the free account offers all the features of the software, the client has sufficient information to make a clear decision before purchasing a license of the software. 1.1.

The term "subject programs" refers to all versions or rejections of (1) of the source code of computer programs and (2) of related development and user documentation including the computer system - All disputes related to this agreement will be resolved in accordance with the laws of [Software.ProviderState] and all legal proceedings will take place as such. Both parties were informed of all the terms of the source code licensing agreement. By signing below, both parties agree and accept this agreement. During this agreement, "software" is defined as all source codes, object codes, link libraries, utilities, project files, scripts related to the above software.

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