Tangerine Credit Card Cardholder Agreement

Tangerine is not liable to you or third parties if a merchant does not accept the card at any time or for any reason, including if we temporarily cancel or disable your card or refuse to authorize a transaction because we have discovered activities in your account or the use of the card that we consider unusual. We may, at our discretion and without notice, reject an application for authorization of card transactions and inform third parties of such a refusal, as we deem necessary. In exercising this discretion, we can take into account, when calculating the available funds, any funds that we may have credited or debited into an account. "Account agreement" means the account agreement (s) or credit card (s) agreement (s) applicable to the account and card, including the Tangerine account card agreement for your Tangerine credit card and the holder of your Tangerine credit card. Reseller refunds: If a merchant presents a refund and we receive a voucher from the merchant, we will credit the credit card account with the amount refunded. However, if, in the meantime, interest has been calculated on the basis of the transaction, we do not refund the interest charged. Mobile Wallets: We can allow you, at our sole discretion, to use your card on different third-party mobile wallet applications. If you add your card to a mobile wallet, you are bound by Tangerine`s terms and conditions for this service, which you can find up-to-date copies of and which are available on our website at tangerine.ca. In order to use a mobile wallet, you may also need to accept third-party privacy policies and conditions, such as mobile wallet providers. B, your mobile operator and other third-party services or sites provided to you via a mobile wallet. Credit limits: We will determine your credit limit and indicate the initial credit limit in the initial information statement. The credit limit is set at the credit card account level, which means that all primary card holders and authorized users participate in the same credit limit amount.

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