Actors Equity Waiver Agreement

SAG-AFTRA says that because these productions are filmed and shown on screen, they are the responsibility of their union. However, due to the pandemic, the union has attempted to present a waiver of the AEA allowing Equity to complete continuous theatre projects by mid-2021, provided that AEA acknowledges SAG-AFTRA`s control in the field of film media, streaming or other activities. The waiver has several provisions to mimic the realities of live theater shows, including limiting the number of spectators, filming in chronological order and not on major distributors like Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV+ and HBO Max. (read the waiver proposed here). On 9 October, SAG-AFTRA announced that it was starting an investigation into the activities of Equity, in particular its New Media Committee, which negotiates with theatre producers if they want to record shows. The screen union claimed that some of Equity`s agreements with producers "were directly under sag-AFTRA and would take thousands of days of work from interpreters who would have had to work under the SAG-AFTRA contract." It`s important! Applications can be sent by e-mail or, if necessary, by post to your equity representative or, to new producers, Please arrive as soon as possible, but preferably at least three weeks before the first rehearsal. Once received, you will be informed of the amounts necessary to pay for your contracts. It may take at least three weeks from the date your cheques arrive at Equity to process your application, so please plan accordingly. We also accept electronic payments. In case of interest, please inquire when contacting us. Where I live, AEA actors get AEA contracts and pay wherever they are hired, very often alongside non-equine actors. The theater will budget for the number of AEA actors they can afford for a given production.

Waiver statements are only used if AEA actors wish to participate in readings. Here in Buffalo, where we don`t have a single AEA theater, I feel like once an actor agrees to a waiver, it would spread and it would be hard for that actor to ask for a salary for Equity next time. .

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