Certificate Of Funding And Agreement

You must inform the Commission of any changes to the methodology you are using. You can also submit a new certificate that reflects the changes. Costs related to the establishment of a CoMUC method certificate shall be eligible as long as the methodology is approved by the Commission and the related costs fulfil the eligibility conditions. Once the Commission has accepted a methodological certificate, this methodology may be considered approved for all actions up to the end of the H2020 Framework Programme, unless the verifications carried out by the Commission reveal that it is not properly implemented. You must attach the requested annexes to Annex 6 to the grant agreement, in particular a brief description of the methodology for calculating staff costs and the chronometology system in force, as well as an example of the chronology used, a description of the budgeted or estimated elements used (if any), a summary sheet containing the report card that you have indicated and that the examiner contains for each agent in the sample (the names do not must not: and a copy of the replacement letter which will be made available to the statutory auditor (see more information below). The submission of a CoMUC method certificate is optional (see Article 18.1.2 of the Grant Agreement). This way, problems can be avoided later if your grant is reviewed. If the certificate is approved, the costs declared according to this method shall not be contested a posteriori, unless the beneficiaries have hidden information for the purposes of the authorisation. Within 60 calendar days of submitting a full certificate, you will usually receive a response to the acceptance or refusal of the certificate.

The certificate may be submitted at any time during the implementation of the H2020 Framework Programme by email to the next functional POST Office Box of the certification of the following H2020 Unit Cost Methodology Methodology. Summary: Section 18004(a)(1) of the CARES Act, Public Law 116-136 (March 27, 2020), authorizes the Minister of Education to award formal credits to participating higher education institutions (CCIs).

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