To Be In Agreement Preklad

oral: agreement/contract of tradition/traditional rent: lease Lease Lease lease for a real estate partnership: partnership contract Social contract in the same way: conformity with/agreement with which syndicate: union contract Syndicate contract with the management of the company Rental/contract, lease, rental/lease contract strikes: Knock-for-Knock contract Waiver contract Of any insurance company Silent customers: tacit agreement / consent / consent, tacit consent, consent dunivancetische Premoubling: marriage / marriage contract / contract, appeal. prenup prenup Marriage contract Object: Object / Object of the contract / contractual law. Purpose of the Treaty: Agreement in principle framework agreement on the fundamental points of the Treaty: we have reached an agreement. We agreed on that. Mietkauf: Mietkaufverträgemlouva on the sale of payment to be agreed: Wir haben uns noch nicht geeinigt. We have not yet reached an agreement. Vereinbarung: seien Sie einverstanden mit sb agree, agree with whom, be of the same opinion therefore: Er schweigt, also stimmt er zu. He is silent, so he accepts. negotiate: Fertig!, Es ist ein Deal!, I agree Einverstanden! Settled! not possible: Du/Einer/Ich kannst nur zustimmen. We can only agree. condition: stimmen Sie den Bedingungen von sb zu, akzeptieren Sie die Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen von sb to agree on the agreed terms: It is an agreement., Agreed.We agree., Agreed. agreement arrangement agreement agreement agreement agreement pact pact pact included: be aware of sth, agree with / to sth, be informed of sth be understood with what ..


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