Partial Client List

UMFS (United Methodist Family Services) - Richmond, Virginia
Charterhouse School - Richmond, Virginia
Child and Family Healing Center - Richmond, Virginia
The HUB Houston - Houston, Texas
Starr Commonwealth - Albion, Michigan
National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Greater Houston - Houston, Texas
Isensee Foundation for Safe Police Response - Cypress, Texas
Tapestry of Hope - multiple Texas locations

Organizational Testimonials

From UMFS:

“Throughout the process of working with Dr. Devine and Dr. Sarahan, we have been impressed with their skills and abilities to help us develop a common, shared language and framework for working with our clients. Their support at clarifying our language has made training for our team members much clearer and more measurable. The language between school staff and residential staff is becoming one and the same, thus an integrated approach and moving towards the elimination of program silos... Read more.


From Randy Copas, Executive Director, Starr Albion Prep:

“I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Sarahan and Dr. Devine for two years learning their model as it relates to multi-dimensional development for youth with emphasis on relationship development across all areas. Their design is one of the most powerful approaches I've worked with in 25 years of my professional career. Read more.


From Marty F. Webb, Ed.D., Monarch Institute for Neurological Differences:

“I selected Neal Sarahan as Monarch’s first Director of Learning over fifteen years ago and then appointed him as Challenger Program Director. Under his leadership, it grew from 23 students to nearly 100. Dr. Neal designed the curriculum, constructed the schedule, hired and trained faculty, and sustained active parent involvement and collaboration, while developing innovative solutions and approaches to relationship, community and social development. Read more


From Christine Clark, Program Director, Kamilleon:

“Integral Flow is a unique consulting partnership, tailored to address the challenging needs of organizations of service. Dr. Sarahan and Dr. Devine funnel their expertise into the parameters of your vision of service, and invite you to look at the model from a multitude of angels and a variety of lenses. With the added richness of their joint backgrounds and experiences, your vision of service will come to life in ways that truly represent those you service, and challenge you to enrich your offerings. Read more.