“Integral Flow is a unique consulting partnership, tailored to address the challenging needs of organizations of service. Dr. Sarahan and Dr. Devine funnel their expertise into the parameters of your vision of service, and invite you to look at the model from a multitude of angels and a variety of lenses. With the added richness of their joint backgrounds and experiences, your vision of service will come to life in ways that truly represent those you service, and challenge you to enrich your offerings.

Having sought the advice of Dr. Sarahan and Dr. Devine on both macro and micro levels over the years, I was thrilled with the opportunity to work with Integral Flow on my new business endeavor, Kamilleon - an artistic immersion for young adults with neurological differences. They immediately understood my vision, embraced in-depth discussions of practicalities, and worked with me to develop a thorough structural approach that was mindfully created out of dynamic considerations.

If you are looking for a visionary team that approaches your interests from the heart, I highly recommend Integral Flow to guide your ideas into fruition, and beyond.”