“I selected Neal Sarahan as Monarch’s first Director of Learning over fifteen years ago and then appointed him as Challenger Program Director. Under his leadership, it grew from 23 students to nearly 100. Dr. Neal designed the curriculum, constructed the schedule, hired and trained faculty, and sustained active parent involvement and collaboration, while developing innovative solutions and approaches to relationship, community and social development.

Ten years ago I enthusiastically supported Dr. Sarahan’s selection of Tara Devine as Monarch’s Director of Therapeutic Services. Dr. Tara brought her deep experience with exceptional populations and resilience- and strengths-based programming. She built a robust internship program, collaborating with university postgraduate programs and licensing boards to train nearly a generation of therapists in “developmental health.”

As I reflect on the progress made over the last forty years in education toward academic competence, meaningful relationship and community service, united with core values, I am grateful to have walked that path with Dr. Tara and Dr. Neal. I am eager to witness the transformative changes they will make in so many more lives.”