“I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Sarahan and Dr. Devine for two years learning their model as it relates to multi-dimensional development for youth with emphasis on relationship development across all areas. Their design is one of the most powerful approaches I've worked with in 25 years of my professional career.

When students gain an understanding of their role in their own learning, it creates a sense of calmness in the learning environment that allows for greater academic and personal success. A by-product that we did not anticipate from implementing this approach was that we saw aggressive incidents requiring physical intervention reduced by 66% in the first quarter after successful implementation. It created a more responsible and caring culture within our school.

Dr. Sarahan and Dr. Devine are tremendous teachers of students and faculty and have a knack for understanding individual environments and helping integrate the work into various settings. I would highly recommend working with them and have said many times over I wished I had crossed paths with them much earlier in my career.”