“Throughout the process of working with Dr. Devine and Dr. Sarahan, we have been impressed with their skills and abilities to help us develop a common, shared language and framework for working with our clients. Their support at clarifying our language has made training for our team members much clearer and more measurable. The language between school staff and residential staff is becoming one and the same, thus an integrated approach and moving towards the elimination of program silos...

The programs helped by Integral Flow are now having an impact on the agency as a whole in terms of defining language with which to talk with families and with employees. This approach creates the shared goals of professional development milestones... In a parallel process, employees now take these assessments too so as to understand their own goals of development and to better understand our clients and their families.

Please feel free to contact any one of the three of us that have worked closely with Integral Flow. We would highly recommend them for program design, language, and moving from the now to the new.”

- Wade Puryear, MEd, MS, Vice President of Education, Charterhouse School

- Marcy Johnson, LCSW, Vice President of Programs, UMFS

- Douglas A. Glick, LCSW, C-SOTP, Director, Child & Family