Are you a parent or guardian who is:  

  • Heartbroken about your son or daughter’s depression?
  • Exhausted from the constant conflict and disruptive behavior?
  • Resigned to the idea that your child will never be independent?
  • Afraid your child will never be happy?
  • Saddened by their isolation?
  • Unsure of where to go next or what to do?


Our clients come to us:

  • Depressed and anxious from failed efforts to change
  • Stuck in reactive and disruptive relationship patterns
  • Stalled on the journey toward independence, self-reliance and purpose
  • Defined and sentenced by their adversity
  • Isolated from social connections in community, school and employment
  • Lacking trusted guides to navigate the path to thriving
  • We help clients become:  
  • Active and engaged in their lives with a greater sense of purpose
  • Connected in community, school and employment relationships
  • Emotionally attuned and responsive in relationships
  • Excited and confident about their future - forming plans and dreams
  • Known by their strengths, talents and contributions
  • Skilled at accessing community resources and advisors


We help our clients go from surviving to thriving in a complicated & confusing world

We primarily assist families to collaborate in their children's journey toward adulthood. Our clients need educational advocacy, optimal educational and social service support, and guidance on how to overcome anxiety, depression and neurological differences. Our individual and family clients range from 4 to 70 years old. We have served adults struggling in the workplace, grandparents trying to support their grandchildren, aging parents trying to secure their children's future, middle schoolers facing severe emotional distress, high schoolers unsure about post-secondary options, and young adults transitioning from psychiatric distress.