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Is your organization:

  • Worried whether your organization is serving clients optimally?
  • Challenged with getting enough referrals?
  • Concerned with low staff morale and lack of collaboration?
  • Struggling to leverage relationships with referral sources, service providers, clients, and families?
  • Frustrated about how to move the organization’s crucial mission into implementation?


We help your organization:

  • Produce “Thrive plans” for every client.
  • Develop an excellent reputation for coordinated care and results.
  • Energize care staff and their investment in mission, vision, and client growth.
  • Optimize consistent communication and relationships throughout client and family networks.
  • Foster client and family participation for an increased sense of belonging and purpose.


We help organizations thrive through improved collaboration and growth strategies that support client and employee success and satisfaction. Integral Flow partners with human service organizations, including innovative community health care centers, service centers for the aging, transition-aged-youth resource centers, mental-health school programs, innovative schools in search of social- and emotional-growth plans, and with local providers of human services such as law enforcement, schools, special education programs, neighborhood employment and housing programs, hospitals, and care facilities.